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What type of content can Nexwhit translate, localize or transcreate for me?

Nexwhit translates and proofreads your business documents, blog posts, emails, social media content, ecommerce content, product information and description, Web content, pitch desks, headlines, customer-facing documents, articles, cover letters, CVs, theses, assignments, papers, website, etc.

Nexwhit will take care of your most crucial content, the one that needs special care and attention. We use the most modern tools and key ressources on the market, in order to efficiently manage your content translation while being time and cost-efficient.

What are the differences between translation, localization & transcreation?

Translation is the act of transfering the meaning of a source text into a target language.  

Localization  refers to translating the content while adapting it to the target culture, making it sound as if written for the target market and in the target language. It includes cultural adaptation and adjustments.

Transcreation goes beyond the scope of localization: the transcreator will take the source content as a base and rewrite the content for the target market accordingly with and edgy, striking and powerful style. The aim of this creative process is to arouse the same emotions in your audience as your source text does. Transcreation is usually preferred for headlines and slogans.

Why is collaborating with Nexwhit cost-efficient?

Nexwhit uses the most efficient and modern CAT-tools (Computer-Assisted translation tools) in order to improve efficiency, accuracy and productivity on the linguists’ side and thereby reduce costs for the client. Those CAT-tools allow us to carry on a thorough analysis of your content and to reduce the price for repetitions throughout your content or very similar parts, being directly managed by the tool itself.

Those CAT-tools allow us to create translation memories in which we store your content, in order to reuse it for the following projects. This has the following advantages:

This way, we ensure consistency throughout your documents.
In the end, this results in a progressive reduction of costs on the client side, as you never pay twice the full price for what has been translated a first time, because we stored it and reuse it directly. We can deliver your translation faster, because there is less content to translate.

What key resources does Nexwhit use and how do we use them to manage your linguistic content?

Nexwhit creates a linguistic hub for your company consisting of a glossary, a style guide, translation memories and corpora: A glossary containing your key terms with fixed translations in your target languages is constantly updated. That way, we assure consistency throughout your whole content, even if several linguists take part in its translation.

We create style guides reflecting your tone of voice (the way you want your audience to be addressed in their target languages) and the degree of formality the linguists need to write with. It also provides guidance about terms or cases that need a specific approach (currencies, dates, ponctuation, trademarks, etc.). This way, your content is not only consistent in terms of words, but also in terms of tone and style.

Nexwhit can also build corpora (linguistic databases) with texts from your company or from your field, to help translators (1) better understand your source text with the help of other texts providing real context and (2) know better the style and terminology to use for the target market.

Why does Nexwhit not use machine translation for marketing content?

Professional proofreading of machine translated content can be very effective and cost-efficient in many areas. However, the results for marketing content are under par in many cases. Your marketing content is a direct reflection of your identity, of your tone of voice. It usually includes many cultural references, idioms and sayings and the machines can’t measure up to the same quality standards as humans.

Post-editing is all about correcting the machine translation, not rewriting it. You would then get a correct text that would not reach the full potential of a fully creative human process. This can meet your needs for some documents, but not for others. At Nexwhit, depending on your volume, your budget and the type of your documents, we provide you with personalised consultancy about the most adequate processes according to your needs.

I want to request a quote. Which information should I provide you with? What happens next?

We are glad that you chose us to take part in your globalization strategy 🙂. Please send us the languages you need your content translated into, the needed turnaround, your expectations regarding our collaboration, if possible, a sample of the content you would want us to take care of and any other piece of information that you would deem useful. After that, we will contact you in order to ask you more questions about your needs and will offer different options based on your request.