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Do you need to flawlessly address your clients in their native language?


✔️…are an SME or a freelancer.
✔️…(want to) sell products and services on your domestic market or abroad.
✔️…do not have time to think of a language strategy or do not know how.
✔️…know the importance of addressing your clients in their native language.
✔️…know proper spelling and grammar play a big part in building customer trust.
✔️…value working with a transparent company.

…BUT you’re still wondering…

Should everything be localized, written and/or reviewed by professionals❓
For ALL my target market languages❓
Are all the review steps necessary❓
Which provider (big agency, small agency, freelancers, etc.) should I call upon❓
When can it be interesting to use AI tools in my case❓
How do language services work❓

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Our Team

Nexwhit partners with qualified linguists in order to provide organizations with bespoke language services and help them retain customers, reach a new target market, broaden their audience
and speak their language.

Small but efficient, our team is available to discuss your needs, to offer consultancy, create a dedicated team for your projects or provide language services. If we can’t help, we will gladly recommend the perfect partner for you, as your satisfaction truly is our priority.


Linguist EN/DE/RO > FR

Medge is a language expert with academic background in marketing, law, translation, music and economics.



Sabine is a well-being expert with professional experience in management, sales, consulting, therapy, engineering.



Maria is a marketing specialist with academic background in law, marketing and languages.


Linguist EN/SV > FR

Maximilien is a language specialist with academic background in performance arts, translation and languages.



Nabil knows accounting like the back of his hand and will ensure flawless invoicing.

…and our +100 freelance linguists

Together, we help you get flawless inspiring content in your native language or in the language of your target market. Our respective expertise and experiences in languages and project management allow us to know how to guide you towards the best solution for you!

Take this mental load off your to-do list and rely on a skilled, young and dynamic team who knows how to make your content a top notch copy.

A few highlights about our processes

🪶We offer “fair-trade language services”: this includes fair rates for our partners and our clients, transparency about our processes and declining projects on which we can’t provide the expected quality.

🪶We work directly with linguists in order to avoid the subcontracting costs of multiple intermediates.

Our Services


We culturally and linguistically adapt your content to a target market. In other words, we translate it.


We use professional tools and eyes to correct any typo, spelling or grammar mistakes, and improve the fluency of your content.


We (re)create your content based on your instructions.

Based on one of your texts, we create the same in another language.

Audiovisual Localization

We transcribe, subtitle or record your audiovisual content.


We make your content inclusive with gender-neutral writing or accessible language.

& PM

We build and team and manage your project.

We create and recommend the best language strategy for you.

Main Types of Content

& Editorial



& Games

Put your…

Marketing & Advertising content
Business content
Seminars and presentations
Video Games, Games, Creative Content

in professional hands

…and reach a new target market
…and speak your clients’ language
…and provide flawless trainings
…and reach gamers abroad and a new audience

Fields We Worked In

…advertising, public relations, art, beauty, business, commerce, cinema, consulting, consumer products, contracts, cosmetics, creative translations, customer-facing content, CV and Cover Letter, documentaries, drama, e-Commerce, editorial content, educational content, entertainment, environment, esoterism, ethics, ethology, fashion, feminism, film, board games, gender studies, general, high-visibility content, hotels, HR, insurance , international organisation, Internet, IT, journalism, law (general), management, marketing, media, medical (general), music, musical, NGO content, photography, survey, tourism, travel, TV, veganism, video games, voice…

Available Languages For Localization

Available internally.

We collaborate with freelancers
from our database.

For any other language pairs, upon request, we will look for relevant profiles on the market and build the team for you

Our Latest Posts

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They Trusted Us


More Info…

Our Journey

First we have a discussion about your identity and your needs. Based on your identity and requirements, we create a customized checklist and Style Guide. Then, we either take care of your projects internally, look for the best profiles for your needs on the market or in our database and create a team for you. We are ready to go!

You have a project for us? Send us an email.
We usually implement the following standard process, which we’ll adapt to your specific needs and budget:

Translation > Bilingual Editing > Target Proofreading > Quality Assurance > Linguistic sign-off
Target Proofreading > Quality Assurance > Linguistic sign-off

Our Philosophy

Nexwhit partners with professional linguists in order to provide organizations with bespoke language services, such as translation, localization, transcreation and proofreading. Our main goal is to help our customers export their identity and expertise internationally, broaden their audience and gain access to new markets.

Ethics belongs to Nexwhit’s key principles.

This involves fair processes that benefit clients and linguists, improve quality and foster a fruitful collaboration.
Those principles are embodied through the following processes and philosophy:

We work directly with linguists, so as to reduce the number of intermediates.

Most of the big language service providers subcontract the projects to other agencies, which subcontract the project to freelance linguists (best case scenario).

At Nexwhit, we prefer proximity and fewer intermediates.
We communicate directly with linguists to ensure that everybody is on the same wavelength and, if possible, always give your projects to the same team.

This way, we ensure quality and consistency throughout your content and quicker deadlines.

We offer reasonable deadlines.

The translation step is often the last one before a product gets launched.
For this reason, a company can’t afford to wait too long for translations.
Nexwhit offers quick deadlines, however not at the expense of quality.

In case of high-visibility content, a linguist might need more time to polish the style that will hold your audience in thrall.

Your project deserves special care and time.
We believe that going against the tide and not always aiming for the fastest way is absolutely necessary.

This is all the more so true when it comes to customer-facing documents or any content that will reflect your brand identity.

In case of very urgent projects, we’ve got you covered: your project can be shared among several linguists for efficiency purposes.

And, before delivery, a QA specialist will check everything to ensure consistency.

We offer inclusive and gender neutral writing services.

Nexwhit proudly promotes inclusion and strongly believes that inclusive and gender neutral writing can be of added value for some contents.

Using simplified language or taking your audience’s diversity into account might help retain your customers and audience.

It can also make them feel more included.

Upon request, we will add an inclusive touch to your contents where possible and thereby help your brand identity stand out through inclusion of all your customers.

We adapt our processes to your needs.

While some companies implement the same processes for all projects, Nexwhit believes that best quality is achieved through tailored solutions and aims to make a difference by offering bespoke services.

Depending on your project’s confidentiality, exposure and complexity, the deadline, the area of specialization and the number of words, we will use specific processes and linguists.

This flexibility also allows us to offer a fair price to linguists and customers, besides maintaining a reasonable margin in order to foster an even-handed collaboration.

We accept a project only if we can ensure quality.

Ethics is one of our core priorities.

Nexwhit only accepts projects for which we can ensure quality and requests that respect our core values.
Conversely, if we are not the right provider for your request, we will let you know.
This principle ensures that all parties of a project are satisfied with it and give their best to achieve common goals.

We get to know your voice to export it authentically.

Rules are not fixed.
Rules are flexible and specifically created to match your brand.
In order to translate your high-visibility content, Nexwhit needs to know you, your style, your voice.

Any collaboration will begin with an analysis of your wishes and philosophy, in order to provide you with translations that align with your brand identity and your tone of voice.

We work exclusively with freelance linguists.

Nexwhit partners exclusively with freelance and qualified linguists.

Working with freelance linguists means that all stakeholders freely and willingly take part in a project. It also allows us to build the perfect team to achieve the best result possible. This way, you get the talents you need for your project. Properly localizing or transcreating your content requires high qualifications and professional skills. For this reason, Nexwhit works exclusively with qualified linguists, because your content deserves no less.

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