Breaking Language Barriers

Address your domestic audience flawlessly and sound local to your international customers.

Now. Easily. Hassle-free.

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✔️…are an SME or a freelancer.
✔️…(want to) sell products and services on your domestic market or abroad.
✔️…do not have time to think of a language strategy or do not know how.
✔️…know the importance of addressing your clients in their native language.
✔️…know proper spelling and grammar play a big part in building customer trust.
✔️…value working with a transparent company.

…BUT you’re still wondering…

Should everything be localized, written and/or reviewed by professionals❓
For ALL my target market languages❓
Are all the review steps necessary❓
Which provider (big agency, small agency, freelancers, etc.) should I call upon❓
When can it be interesting to use AI tools in my case❓
How do language services work❓


“I will ask Anna, she’s bilingual, she can make do.”

“Oh wait, I think we can use machine translation tools, it’s free and they are soon going to replace linguists.”

“I heard this agency can do an ok job for a very low price. After all, it can’t be that expensive.”

“George knows a bit of French. Maybe he can quickly proofread/translate/write this for us.”

– A lot of people.

Let’s talk turkey!

You can learn dozens of languages, live 30 years in another country, dedicate years to learning one language perfectly: you will never sound as local and familiar to your international audience as an actual native speaker.

You wanted to have your content translated or proofread by a bilingual or proficient person? Whether you need a translation, content recreation or a simple proofreading, a professional will do it faster, better, ask the right questions and make the right choices.

Translators are the ones spending the most time on your project. If they do not have sufficient budget to provide quality, you’ll get a poor translation. If an agency offers a low price, think twice before accepting it.

Machine translation can be tempting, but it is often a trap. Don’t be fooled and call upon professionals who will know if MT is a good option and how to use it. Do not lose time by trying to improvise. Cheap always costs more in the end.

In the end, it all depends on how much you value your product and your clients…
Do they deserve well-written content?

Beware of home-made solutions or some big agencies.

The former takes time and does not work. You’ll lose time, money, and you’ll still have the same issue.

The latter usually makes you pay for a chain of intermediates and their brand, while underpaying linguists. Now, what do you prefer paying for? Your content or their intermediates?

Nexwhit can manage your linguistic strategy from A to Z and build dedicated teams in order to translate, proofread and recreate your content.

EN/DE/RO/ES/SV>FR are available internally. For other languages, we outsource the tasks to our network of qualified linguists.

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Our Team


Linguist EN/DE/RO > FR

Medge is a language expert with academic background in marketing, law, translation, music and economics.



Sabine is a well-being expert with professional experience in management, sales, consulting, therapy, engineering.



Maria is a marketing specialist with academic background in law, marketing and languages.


Linguist EN/SV > FR

Maximilien is a language specialist with academic background in performance arts, translation and languages.



Nabil knows accounting like the back of his hand and will ensure flawless invoicing.

…and our +100 freelance linguists

Our Story

Our story is quite simple. We have a passion for words, because they allow us to express who we are, what we want, how we feel…

When a company contacts us because they need language services, we are happy:
Because they want us to do what we know best and love the most: breaking language barriers. Everybody deserves to present themselves to the world, to be seen, listened to and understood. Why not you?

From a young age, Maximilien and Medge learned foreign languages and became proficient in their own language:

To understand and be understood wherever they are.
To make meaningful connections and feel at home wherever they go.
To discover new cultures and travel without limits.
To express themselves accurately and confidently in their native language
To share their truth in an authentic way that resonates with others.

During their studies, they realized that this wish to break language barriers could become their occupation.

They could be the ones who correct a business proposal or a presentation, to help show the author in the best light… or they could localize a board game to make it accessible on a specific market… or they could help recreate a brand’s ad in another language…

They started their language studies, after which they jumped into their careers in professional language services.

In this field, as in many others, productivity is the key word. In many cases, “quick”, “average” and “cheap” work has become the new normal. This is why so many people think that machines could replace human translators or content creators.

Maximilien and Medge decided to go against the tide and offer “fair-trade” language services that combine transparency, quality and active listening, for clients who love words too and need reliable partners.

We are (and want to remain) a small team who wants to keep the human aspect of things and take the time to listen to you.

Because this is the reason why we do this: we want to make a meaningful connection with you and act as a facilitator between you and the rest of the world, whether it is a domestic or an international audience. We want to share your truth.

Going against the tide and keeping human values is not easy on today’s market: we do not take on every project at all costs, work on every specialization, or collaborate with all potential clients.

If we know that we are not the right partners for you, we will recommend other partners.

Our values and our commitment to providing you with actual good quality is our top priority.

In other words, we offer “hand-made” in a world where automation prevails.

We won’t try to impress you with “waow” processes or services. We prefer keeping it simple:

We’ll build your team, use the right tools and provide you with quality. Nothing less.

Stop losing time with inefficient solutions or believing people who tell you this is easy to do. Drop us a line and take this off your list.

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How do we work?

  • We get to know you, your needs, your identity.
  • We create a Style Guide based on your answers and send you and offer.
  • We build your dedicated team, whether internally or among our network of freelancers.
  • We use the best tools on the market to manage your projects, your terminology and your content, and to ensure consistency throughout all your documents.
  • We implement a customized process for your content:(Translation+Editing+Proofreading or Translation+Proofreading, and so on)
  • We check the projects internally with professional spellcheckers and QA tools.
  • We update the linguistic databases we created for you and deliver your project.

Easy and practical!

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What do you get?

You retain customers.
You reach a new target market.
You address your audience with confidence, in their native language.
Your content is flawless.
You broaden your audience.
You maintain your reputation.
Your brand has a specific voice on each market.

You address your audience in an inclusive manner.
You benefit from customized processes and a dedicated team.
You pay for quality, not for intermediates.
You can dedicate your time to your core business.
You are sure that linguists get a fair rate for their work.

And you work with a trustworthy and reliable partner.

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Still hesitating?

No problem! We know how it is. You often try dozens of cheap solutions, then try and get it done by yourself or internally, then lose hope, then give up.

Just take the time to ask yourself the right questions and what you want with your content:

Do you sell written content?
Does your product deserve a well-written page?
Does your brand deserve a familiar tone of voice that will address your audience’s heart?

If you prefer trying out the alternative solutions first and see by yourself, this is also a possibility.

We’ll be available for you whenever you feel like it!

Send us an email to get an analysis of your situation and free consultancy.

They Trusted Us

We usually work under DNAs with our clients, but some of them took the time to share their opinion about our collaboration. While we can always improve as a company, we are happy to see them so satisfied and to promote our fair-trade philosophy on this market. Click on “Google” below to check out our reviews.


What are you waiting for?

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